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Topic: UltraISO v9.5.3.2900 can't run!
started by: bookses

Posted by bookses on Aug. 29 2012,03:19
Win 7 x86 Ultimate
EMET v3.0

If I set global ASLR to always on, UltraISO will NEVER be able to run!
It's the only program on my system can't work.
So the author of UltraISO, please upgrade your compiler and get the latest technology. Thanks a lot!

Posted by xoben on Aug. 29 2012,22:20
Thanks for your suggestion.
Posted by csohns on Oct. 07 2012,00:00
I've been using (registered) UltraISO for *years* and am a huge fan of it! I installed EMET v3 (Max Sec. config) on all of my systems a couple of weeks ago. I've had zero problems with any app I use until today.  Tonight, was the first time I've needed to use UltraISO since EMET installation.  Thanks to this thread, I know why it won't run. "Well that sucks, so much for security," was the first thing to run through my head.   No fun!  Please make UltraISO ASLR friendly.
Posted by csohns on Oct. 07 2012,00:05
Another quite note.  We aren't the only ones with UltraISO-EMET issues--

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Posted by DXMage on Dec. 03 2012,17:30
bah it would figure.  I was hoping there was an easy fix to this that didn't require EMET to be turned off.