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Topic: Blu-ray support?
started by: tuyen

Posted by tuyen on Mar. 06 2011,02:26
Does UltraISO work with Blu-Ray discs?
I already used it to successfully write a dual layer DVD with my Blu-Ray drive, but I haven't tried a Blu-Ray disc because I don't want to ruin the disc if it's not supported yet.

When I right-click on the bar which shows the % free on the disc, I see two options for 25 GB and 50 GB, so obviously those are for Blu-Ray, but the auto-detect feature for free disc space doesn't seem to work.  When I choose that option for my Blu-Ray drive, it doesn't detect the 25 GB blank disc.  It continues to show 650 MB (the default selection).

Posted by xoben on Mar. 06 2011,08:11
Sorry, UltraISO does not support Blu-Ray discs yet.
Posted by tuyen on Mar. 06 2011,15:33
But then why are there two options for 25 GB and 50 GB capacities listed on the media type dropdown list?  And also, I just noticed on the revision history page that it says "Supports 25GB/50GB media type" for version 9.36.

Are there some other kinds of 25/50 GB media besides Blu-Ray discs that I'm not aware of?

I've completely abandoned all other disc burning software because none of them are as good, as small, as useful, and as perfect as UltraISO.  So for that reason, I'm really hoping for Blu-Ray support soon.

Posted by xoben on Mar. 07 2011,01:34
The 'media type' is for creating ISO images. The burning feature is not ready yet.
Posted by ricko on Dec. 04 2012,16:06
If we need to wait for BluRay writing, could we at least have support for UDF 2.50 ?  or even UDF 2.01?

I occasionally get iso images with these file systems and the only way I can get to the contenst is to mount them. I t would be nice to be able to manipulate the contents.