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Topic: Curious ISO File???
started by: SteveK50

Posted by SteveK50 on Jan. 19 2013,10:38

I've an ISO file that I don't understand.  

If I check it's WinXP properties; it shows 701mb.  When I bring it into UltraISO; it shows as:  "Bootable CD/DVD"... 4249mb... 3536mb Overload".  My issues are:

1.  If I burn this ISO with NO CHANGES; it installs (the ISO-ized) program just fine.  Plus, UltraISO burns it in 15-ish minutes.

2.  If I do ANYTHING to this file... It the installs ultimately fails mid-way.  Changes I've tried are... I want to add a small text file (with the CDKEY)... then I tried to change "Bootable CD/DVD" to "4.7(4.37)GB"... which cleared the Overload error.  In addition to the App's Installation failing... burning took over an hour.

I'm curious as to HOW a 701mb ISO can burn AND WORK a 94% full DVD?  

I WANT to know... why can't I imbed a simple (CDkey) text file inside this crazy ISO and get a GOOD BURN (that installs the software).  Oh yeah... text file is only 40-50 characters BUT... if I SIMPLY change the "Image Size"... installation stills fails?!??

No where near even "average ISO" user but this makes zero sense to me (good with Windows user).

Thanks in advance,