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Topic: Virtual drive doesn't mount in Directory Opus v10
started by: gsmlord

Posted by gsmlord on Jan. 21 2013,19:55
I use Directory Opus v10 as a Windows 7 Explorer replacement, when I try to mount an image using virtual drive the drive letter doesn't appear. If I try to mount the image for a second time the drive pops up!

DOpus forum has already discussed a similar problem, see < >

They seem to think the problem might be linked to the command 'SHCNE_MEDIAINSERTED', here is there reply:

When UltraISO mounts a drive, it is not sending the SHCNE_MEDIAINSERTED* event which it's supposed to. This is why Opus thinks the drive is empty and hides it. (If you restart Opus after mounting the drive you will see the drive in Opus, even if empty drives are hidden. The problem isn't that the drive looks empty to Opus but that UltraISO isn't sending the event that tells Opus to re-evaluate the drive.)

Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Hopefully you can share a solution or will I have to try a different image software to solve the problem?

Hope you can help.