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Topic: Problems with the CD-TExt in the .nrg image
started by: JEMS

Posted by JEMS on Feb. 05 2013,10:47

I've been creating some .nrg files from a CDr (CD-Audios), and the problem appears because the image does not "have" the CD-Text that the original CD-Audio does have.
So when I burn this image, the result is a CDr with the same songs but without any CD-TExt information.
¿Anyone can throw some light into it?

I already checked that I ave enabled the tick of "USe CD-TExt always that it's possible" from the OPTIONS menu.

Posted by JEMS on Feb. 12 2013,06:16
¿No one ever tried to make an image of a CD-Audio and saw that the CD-Text was not "copied" into the image?

Easy to check if you later burn the image into a CDr.
Even more, I made some IMages that do have CD-Text  and when I burn them with UltraISO it doent get copied into the CDr..

¿Anyone can throw some light into it?
¿Is it possible to make an exact image of the CD_Audio including the CD-Text and I'm doing something wrong?
¿Or is it simply not possible to do this with UltraISO and I shouldn't waste more time on it?