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Topic: How to remove a virtual disk
started by: lo_sl

Posted by lo_sl on Dec. 06 2006,13:38
I made a virtual disk from ULtraISO 8.6 and mounted a bin image, it works fine. Now I don't want this virtual disk anymore, I unmouted the image file but the virtual disk still appears in "MY Computer" (WinXP Pro SP2). How could i remove the virtual disk (CD Drive J) from the XP explorer?

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Posted by xoben on Dec. 08 2006,22:59
Choose 'Options'->'Configuration', switch to 'Virtual Drive' and set 'Number of Devices' to 'None'.
Posted by losl on Dec. 11 2006,22:01
Thank you!!

I have Alcohol 120% installed in my PC . In UltraISO, the "Current drive" in "options/configuuration/virtual drive" only displays "Alcohol120%" and grey out, no other selection is available.  When I click "Detect" only "AXcmd.exe" from Alcohol is displayed in "Default Virtual Drive Program". It says 'Unsupported Virtual Drive Program!" if i browse and open "ISOcmd.exe" in ultraiso/drive folder.

How could i select 'ISOdrive" as default virtual drive NOT Alcohol?

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Posted by xoben on Dec. 11 2006,23:38
1) Delete the setting of 'Default Virtual Drive Program', click OK and quit UltraISO
2) Restart UltraISO, set 'Number of Devices' to 'None', click OK
3) Click 'Detect' to set external virtual drives. At present, UltraISO supports Daemon-Tools, Alcohol 120% and Virtual CloneDrive.

Posted by MrPixar on Jan. 27 2009,18:46
I have done the items suggested above and the drive persists. I cannot even change the drive letter at this point using the same dialog. I am using The only way to remove it is to uninstall. I am running on vista ultimate (64bit)
Posted by MrPixar on Feb. 01 2009,00:08

Hello anyone? I've had to uninstall/reinstall on a couple of occasions already to stop ultraISO from interfering with a mapped drive. Vista Ultimate 64 bit....anyone?

Posted by MrPixar on Feb. 08 2009,10:36
*bump* ..hmmm ANYONE?
Posted by CAOgdin on Mar. 25 2013,15:19
This problem persists in V9.5.3.2901.  There appears to be NO WAY to get rid of the obnoxious, unwanted and inaccessible Virtual Drive!

I'll just have to go back and uninstall this product and change its' configuration by reinstalling it every time I need it.

This problem has been reported in this Forum since 2008, and there's STILL NO FIX.  What did I pay for, anyway?

Posted by CAOgdin on Mar. 25 2013,16:22
I just tested further on XP Pro SP3.  I can set the "Number of devices" to "None."  And, it "sticks,"  ... until the next reboot, then the program goes back to forcing the value to "1".

I tried changing the value of HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EasyBoot Systems\UltraISO\5.0\DefVCD to "0" to get the "Number of devices" to consistently show "None."  However, at the next reboot, DefVCD is once again blank.

If I set DefVCD to zero, then the "None" sticks in UltraISO no matter how many times I open or close the program.  But, that value is removed, and the value of DefVCD is set to <nul> upon reboot.

Is DefVCD the right value to set to change the number of VCD Drives, and if so, how can you change your code to leave that value alone except as changed from the UI of the program?  I would also recommend configuring the installer with "Virtual Drives" set to "None", and let users who need that feature to enable it.

I hope this debugging information is valuable to you, and that you can remedy this apparent bug in the program.