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Topic: Virtual Drive Icon image doesn't change
started by: leogets

Posted by leogets on Feb. 22 2013,11:17

When I mount an image to a Virtual Drive, how come the icon does not change, nor does the name.  Its as if while mounting the image, the AutoRun.inf doesn't get read in.  If I open an image with ultraiso then select to mount it using the toolbar button, in the window that opens even if I select the AutoRun button, then Mount, the image gets mounted to the drive, but the icon nor the name seem to change. Why is this? This AutoRun Button that is in the window for mounting images DOES NOT work... It has no effect what-so-ever.

Is there an option I'm missing that will allow me to do this?

If I install but select not to install a virtual drive, then in the options select to use Daemon Tools as the Virtual Drive then from within Ultraiso and I select to mount the image to a drive, when it mounts to the Daemon Tools Virtual Drive, both the icon and the Name of the drive change no matter if I selected the AutoRun button or not.
Same happens if I double click on any image file Daemon Tools will open for confirmation to mount the image to a virtual drive, When mounted, both the icon and name of the drive also change.
But when I choose to mount an image to a virual drive created for use with UltraISO, the icon and name always remains the same "CD Drive". I have selected in my windows options to disable AutoRun for CD\DVD drives, but yet, the icon is still able to change using Daemon Tools to mount the images but not with UltraISO.

Personally I think there should be an option in the registry for VCD AutoRun  0 for off and 1 for on. When its 1 and an image gets mounted to a drive, the AutoRun.inf will get read while mounting the image to the VD; thereby allowing change to both the icon and the name given to the drive.

Posted by markspend003 on Mar. 26 2013,11:38
Hello Guys according to that topic i think that disk image is a virtual copy of a cd or dvd that you store on your hard disk drive. A virtual hard disk drive eliminates the need to change the hard disk drive to run games or applications, since many applications require the original hard disk drive to run. Thanks a lot!!