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Topic: Iso to USB
started by: Volli

Posted by Volli on Apr. 16 2013,23:36
Hi Community :O

Is it possible respectively how ist it possible to "burn" or build a (bootable) iso to an USB Stick. Ultra-Iso is such a smart tool and im wondering why I cant do this, (or I dont know) how I can do this.


//Volli  ???

Posted by apTyp on Apr. 18 2013,17:33
USB-drive must be emulated as cd-drive, UltraISO not quite proper tool for this.
Posted by Alkermes on Apr. 20 2013,05:05
If you have a bootable image and you write it on USB device you can boot from USB.

Open your ISO image, Bootable/Write disk image and choose your USB device. Write Method: USB-HDD+, Hide Boot Partition: None

Regards, Alkermes.