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Topic: ISO files larger than 50 GB
started by: kajinofe

Posted by kajinofe on Jun. 22 2013,03:07

Under the FAQ section, it states that UltraISO is capable of processing one ISO image file that is up to a maximum of 2TB in size.

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Q. What is the size limitation of the ISO Image that UltraISO can process?

Answer: 2TB(2000GB).

I've tried making one ISO file that's 70 GB with lots of varying files in it with success.  But when I tried to edit the said file to add more into it, it looked like it was re-building the whole ISO file in a temp file first which made the editing process really slow and also it effectively doubled the ISO file size while it was trying to re-build it with a temp file.  Is there any other way for me to add files to this 70GB or a bigger sized ISO file without re-building the whole thing each time?