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Topic: Ultraiso 9.3 FREE! it is true or not?
started by: Noxferato

Posted by Noxferato on Feb. 05 2013,00:16
On June 2009, PC User magazine Australia offered UltraISO v9.3 full version to its readers  :) .

Here are the registration details:

Name: PC User readers
Serial: 4BF9-8D1E-1786-30A8

Now this is my question for the EZB Systems Team (Ultraiso Team)  ??? :

This is True or Not?  Best Regards Brothers...

Post data: I love your Software, you are the Best  :;): !

Posted by tsmith35 on Aug. 11 2013,18:00
All I could find out about it is here: < Free UltraISO v9 Full License Key >

I haven't seen an update to UltraISO for quite some time, so I wonder if it's still being developed. I bought a registration years ago, since I liked the software and wanted to stay legit.