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Topic: Comparison of Features
started by: vze2mp9g

Posted by vze2mp9g on Nov. 26 2012,20:46
   I accidentally discovered UltraISO. I was impressed with what you can do with it. I know you must get this request, but what does UltraISO have that ImgBurn doesn't, and what does ImgBurn have that UltraISO doesn't? I know you can edit ISO, combine, and Extract the ISO to the HD.

I'm very curious about UltraISO because, allot of people, sware by ImgBurn (not just because it's FREE), but dependability. Everyone I've come in contact with says the same thing. If, UltraISO is allot better, can you give me a non bias comparison, if possible. I would appreciate it very much. If you do an honest non bias comparison, you will have a new customer!
Thank You.   :cool:

Posted by tsmith35 on Aug. 11 2013,18:18
You can see a comparison on Wikipedia: < Comparison of ISO image software >