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Topic: HDD image to Virtual Machine?
started by: FriedEggs2

Posted by FriedEggs2 on Aug. 31 2013,18:29
Hi All,

We have a couple of older business, win2000 PCs that we have to keep the data for a bunch more years in case the IRS gets testy. :)

I am wondering if Ultra-Iso (or something else, if not) can create an .iso image from the win2000 PCs HDD, then we can use those .iso to install into a Virtual Machine.  I should mention that the win2000 PCs have about 67GB of stuff each.

I know we could just take out the HDDs but the risk of them getting lost over the coming years is too great. The old PCs are so big they are unlikely to get lost.

We can then clean off the data and drop these old boxes off at the local high school Library and free up some room here.