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Topic: Bug(s)
started by: masster

Posted by masster on Dec. 15 2013,20:06
I've found a few bugs on UltraISO Premium
Here's the first: I installed it as usual in English and all went well. But when I tried to create an ISO from a folder using the contextual menu... I got strange characters (see attachment). No other program I have installed on my PC (XP SP3 PRO 32bit) has such behavior.

Second bug: I change the language from Options/Language menu to other language than English. Curiously enough, first bug is gone, all characters look like they should for the language I selected. Then I close UltraISO and open it again. The program reverted to English by itself! But shell menu stayed in the language previously selected! If I go again and select Options/Language/English (although there is already a checkbox near 'English') bug #1 reappears.