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Topic: Problem with Windows 8
started by: luizmp

Posted by luizmp on Dec. 31 2013,05:51
Hello guys... I'd like to say that I've always loved UltraISO... the best ISO app in the world! :p

But I'm having a problrm... since I jumped into Windows 8, I just can't make UltraISO work.. I doesn't even OPEN.... Got the latest version from website.. installed... but when I run the app... well.. NOTHING happens... what could be happening... I'm now obligated using other soft (that I hate)....

Any1 could help me?
Thanks and Happy NEW YEAR 4 ALL OF U !!!

Posted by luizmp on Jan. 03 2014,08:43
no replies? THANK u at all....
Posted by jgt1942 on Jan. 07 2015,00:04
luizmp I'm not able to give you any suggestions but I do have UltraISO installed and working on my Win8.1 x64 desktop. I had no issues installing on my clean build. I just upgraded to the current version and all is working without issue.

You might try uninstalling (I highly suggest that you use REVO Uninstaller, it does a much better job of removing registry entries and cleans up the HD) and then try reinstalling again.

I saw some other post regarding Win8. issues. You might try upgrading to Win8.1.