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Topic: UltraISO Doesn't work with AHCI, ImgBurn does
started by: ion

Posted by ion on Feb. 08 2014,13:54
I found this on the Intel site:

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Attempted to install it, but it said my system did not meet minimum requirements and it canceled the install

here’s another link to the same named file, but this one does not list win 7 64b as compatible and has different drivers:

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this one has 2 installable drivers with no note as to the difference, although the .htm file sez it’s compatible with win7 64b

Attempted to install each, and got the same “does not meet minimum requirements” message as the first driver tried.

In the meantime I’ve been using the free ImgBurn program, which works faultlessly.

As a paying customer for UltraIso, how about you guys hiring some of the ImgBurn developers so you can fix UltrIso – either that or give me my money back as UltraIso is useless to me.