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Topic: uefi boot support?
started by: nonpro

Posted by nonpro on Dec. 01 2011,18:50
can the programm handle uefi boot information from microsoft?

if no? is this feature in a near future available ?

Posted by xoben on Dec. 03 2011,01:13
Sorry, this feature is not supported yet.
Posted by pusaqall on May 29 2012,02:18
Are there any plans of adding this feature in the future?
Posted by xoben on Aug. 26 2012,05:08
Done with latest version v9.5.3.2900.
Posted by Gilgamesh-au on May 15 2014,00:16
UEFI Seems to be broken in

I have an image created by other software which backups up my hard disks. Burning this to DVD produces a workable UEFI bootable DVD.

But if I use UltraISO to add a new directory to the image and then burn the new image to DVD it is not UEFI bootable.

As my system is not configured for legacy BIOS compatibility then UEFI is mandatory. How can I stop UltraISO from stripping UEFI when I edit the image.