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Topic: any way to solve File xxxxx open error!
started by: msuding

Posted by msuding on Jan. 19 2008,21:20
Is there a way to avoid the prompt
"file xxxxxx open error!"  (where xxxxx is some open file).
I am confident this is because they are in use.
I am running it on a PC and backing up the C: drive to an isz (compressed ISO) file.
I am using newest version (I bought/downloaded today). version
Suggestion #1: put in an option to ignore files that cannot be opened.
Suggestion #2: I could use built in NTbackup and then ultraISO could have a conversion feature to convert microsoft's BKF file format to ISO.


Posted by xoben on Jan. 20 2008,05:17
Sorry, no solution is available yet. We will try to fix this issue soon at future versions.
Posted by lawrenceS59 on Nov. 06 2014,04:01
Is there an update to this thread? I see the initial post was made in 2008. It still happens.  Is there a fix?  I think 6 years later counts as "future versions".
Posted by xoben on Dec. 17 2014,01:44
Latest version does not prompt one by one for files which cannot be accessed by UltraISO, but show a final error log when done.