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Topic: UltraISO PremiBurn Problems on Win7 x64 SP1 on AMD
started by: leogets

Posted by leogets on Jan. 24 2015,04:06
I just installed UltraISO 9.62 (and then 9.5.3) on an AMD system running Win7 x64 SP1 Pro and I'm having the exact same issue with burning as this prior post:
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Posted by: VaineDragon
Posted on: Nov. 23 2012,12:35
Where no one from EZB systems had commented
Yet the problem still persists... so what is the solution?

From the Prior Post on Nov. 23 2012,12:35, in the picture shown, there are also icons to left of each row. Eg: Red circle with a White X inside.. These icons are not present in the newer version UltraISO Premium 9.62 (August 19, 2014) but are in 9.5.3.
So this also needs to be fixed in the newer version along with being able to burn images in general with this software.

I tried to make a Hiren's boot cd with UltraISO 9.62 and 9.5.3 on a blank DVD... but it doesn't work.  The software that comes with windows... isoburn.exe WORKS, PowerISO also works but UltraISO and Nero Burner Rom 32bit both fail to burn on a 64bit OS.

I installed both trial versions 32 and 64bit of PowerISO and have no problems burning images with their software..
UltraISO is a 32bit program and running on a 64bit OS I think is where the problem lies dealing with the SATA AHCI.
But how do you fix this... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by xoben on Jan. 24 2015,04:37
Sorry, no solution for AMD chipset is available yet.

PS: This is a device driver related problem, it has been fixed since Windows 8.