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Topic: Disabling virtual drives
started by: discgolfdc

Posted by discgolfdc on May 28 2015,16:24
I've used a number of successive updates of UltraISO, now, for a long time, and one thing that never seems to get fixed is the issue with Virtual Drives.  The option for "None" is present and selectable, but after you "OK" that option, it continues to default to "1".  There seems to be no way to disable the Virtual Drive that UltraISO creates.

Is this something that can easily enough be addressed?  If not, I suspect I may wish to investigate competitor software.

Thank you.

Posted by xoben on May 29 2015,21:18
This is a UAC related problem.

Please right click on desktop icon of UltraISO, choose 'Run as administrator' from popup menu and try again.