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Topic: ISODrive timestamps
started by: easyboot75

Posted by easyboot75 on Jan. 29 2016,06:47
I tried to use ISODrive from UltraISO instead of DaemonTools and everything is ok (all I need is ISO mount, nothing more...) BUT there is a deal-breaker for me:
ISODrive is NOT respecting UTC timestamps with files!
For example, if I open .ISO in UltraISO --> filename.txt has date/timestamp 10:00:00
If I mount that same .ISO in ISODrive, look mounted disc X: --> filename has timestamp 08:00:00!

I'm UTC+2, ISODrive does not calculate that +2 timestamp. UltraISO does this correctly, DaemonTools mounted images file timestamps are also correct...but looking at mounted image with ISODrive all timestamps are shifted!  :(

Can you please correct this, this is a dealbreaker for me since I'm doing work that requires that I have correct info about filestamp but ISODrive ignores timezone/UTC making impossible to see correct time for files :(