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Topic: Glitch with UltraISO & Windows 10
started by: bruceb

Posted by bruceb on Aug. 03 2017,07:56
When using UltraISO in Windows 10 (in this case, "home 64 bit) if I tell UltraISO to extract the Boot Record from the HDD it will error out, unless I run the UltraISO as an Administrator
It stores the created file in: C:\User\Documents\My Iso Files which is fine. But hen if I tell it to load the Boot File while it goes to the correct directory it does not show the .bsf file. You need to start typing the file name before it will find it.

I want to create a Bootable USB Drive with Norton Ghost 11.5 on it to image my Toshiba C855-S5347 Laptop .. Is it best to create the Bootable drive from the machine it is to be used on or can I do it on any computer ? ? What exactly needs to be done to make the bootable drive work ?