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Topic: Daemon Tools 4.x integration
started by: ytlu322

Posted by ytlu322 on Sep. 18 2006,02:21
I got a new x64 pc with windows xp x64 installed. Since I have to use the x64 version deamon tools that only 4.x has, now my softdisc can't recognize it. From other post I learned that you will integrate in next version, can you tell us a estimated date or how the plan going on?
Thank you very much.  :)

Posted by xoben on Sep. 19 2006,02:32
Hello ytlu322, please upgrade to latest version 2.55 ( < > ), which works with D-Tools 4.x now.
Posted by ytlu322 on Sep. 22 2006,00:58
Thank you so much, that works great!!!
Posted by pusaqall on May 27 2012,20:52
Does this program works well with Windows 7 x64?
Posted by annejasse on Jan. 29 2013,08:01
Does  Old Version of Daemon Tools 3.47 still work in Vista?

Posted by cafayzieg on Feb. 25 2013,03:23
It is always moving forward.
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