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Topic: Using Photoshop Elements to Edit Menus
started by: Hannes

Posted by Hannes on Mar. 27 2005,15:47
I seem to recall that there was a compatibility problem with BMP files created using Photoshop. Does this hold true for Photoshop Elements 3 as well?

I'm currently using Ulead Photoimpact but was thinking about giving Photoshop Elements a try.

Posted by Alanpachuau on Feb. 19 2007,02:33
if you want to use bmp image created using  photoshop, you have to do like this:

create the image with photoshop and after you finish merge all the visible layer and change the image mode to indexed color and then save as bmp. After saving open the image with irfanview in my case. Then in the irfanview click on the image tab and then  go to information in the information menu change the resolution as the resolution you have selected in your ezboot option. If your seleted resolution in ezboot option is 800x600 change the resolution of your image to 800x600 from the irfanview then save again as bmp. Now you can use that image.

Posted by neuropass on Dec. 10 2008,15:20
nice info.. thanks a lot... i also used photoELF to do that... it converts every format that you need... like bmp 8 bit...
Posted by mmarx82 on Dec. 17 2008,13:24
I was making my images in photoshop then saving them. Then I would open my saved image (doesn't matter what format) in Microsoft Paint to save it as a 256 color bitmap. We have alot of machines that do not support more than 256 colors unfortunately. But they would come out nearly perfect all the time.
Posted by maryjohnson on Mar. 06 2012,05:00
excellent info, i really like this. Photoshop is a good editor.

Posted by sharonde on Mar. 29 2012,01:14
Photo-shop is today's best software to add, edit menus in a perfect manner.
Posted by nikkil on May 05 2012,13:43
I agree. Virtually all users in this industry is using it. Definitely a +1