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Topic: Image as a button
started by: Asenk

Posted by Asenk on Nov. 04 2010,11:01
can we add an image as a button in Easyboot?
Posted by syncboost on Dec. 16 2010,09:11
Yes you can add image as a button.
But this is not directly supported by ezboot.
You must download irfan view or then edit your images and put images as buttons on main image.
Then save it in bmp format(256 color).

Posted by Terrence51 on Nov. 30 2011,06:28
1) Just set your button type to custom and then you can set an image to be used for the button

2) If you want the button to still react to touches then set it to a custom button with no image, it will be invisible then, if you just to hide the button completely and have it not react to touches set the hidden property to yes

Posted by EdwardHopes on Dec. 14 2011,02:54
Hey Terrence, if i want the image with button to react on touch, then what is to be done?
Posted by glenjones on Jan. 07 2012,00:13
Hey Terrence, I have tried it what you told me but it is not properly working out so can you help me??
Posted by lensathomas on Feb. 01 2012,05:03
Image button  enhances the look of page truly amazing.
Posted by nikkil on May 05 2012,13:48
Hi Asenk. Any luck on setting this beast up already?