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Topic: Making it all their own at the same time
started by: bonney1990

Posted by bonney1990 on May 15 2012,23:16
Doctor Who carries on in fantastic style, and I for one hope < dexter on dvd > that Smith and Gillan stay with their roles for years to come. I congratulate Steven Moffat < californication on dvd > and his team for honoring the legacy of Doctor Who, but making it all their own at the same time. Highly recommended. As expected, the set doesn't disappoint. Doctor Who began filming in HD in 2009, and the Blu-ray format is perfect for capturing the gorgeous cinematography < buy true blood dvd > and excellent effects work. There are behind-the-scenes features for every episodes, some amusing outtakes, and a few commentary tracks. And this may be a minor point for many people, but the packaging is really impressive.
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Posted by celavey on May 16 2012,21:25
I don't quite sure what you are talking about. Doesn't make any sense.