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started by: SuckerMD

Posted by SuckerMD on May 05 2007,03:40

My background Images doesn´t work.
Even the one posted in this forum.

The Message appears

"No 256 colors or no compressed"

What can I do?

Another question: Where I can find other Background pics?

Please help me  :cool:  :(

Posted by hakerfox on Feb. 07 2009,16:07
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Posted by xoben on Feb. 07 2009,19:35
It is recommanded to use ACDSee to convert an image to .BMP format.
Posted by nartysal on Jun. 23 2010,05:22
Just use default background image.
Posted by weirddemon on Jun. 23 2010,14:16

(nartysal @ Jun. 23 2010,10:22)
Just use default background image.

That is extremely unhelpful.

There are a million and one reasons why the OP doesn't want to use the default background image and he shouldn't have to.

Posted by bugme on Jul. 04 2010,18:32
Watch my video to edit background of easyboot

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Posted by kutujenggot on May 01 2011,09:04
hey go to OPtions on file!!!
and select resolution mode

using photoshop for edit background

open photoshop
file open the background

crop use shortcut c

and save as *.bmp use 16 bit


Posted by peleus on May 17 2012,09:38
Great video. very well detailed too. Thanks bugme.