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Topic: 9 Steampunk Backgrounds
started by: srk999

Posted by srk999 on Apr. 01 2011,00:04
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Archive Content:
- 9 steampunk wallpapers
- 1 sample menu file (stmpnk.ezb)

How to use it:
- Always keep backup before modifying any file.
- Pick your background.
- Using any image editor software put a logo in it (the background that you picked) and save with a different name (for using it as a logo file).
- You can make some great looking logos online at < >.
- Save the background and logo files as bmp, 640x480, 256 color.
- Copy the background, logo, and sample menu (stmpnk.ezb) to \disk1\ezboot.
- Execute "stmpnk.ezb"
- Modify the "Logo Image" and "Text Image" text boxes in Easyboot's "File" tab as needed < picture >.
- You can achieve transparent menu by selecting the same color for "Back" and "Fore" in "Highlight" and "Normal" options under "Menu" tab < picture >.
- For menu items, < notice the pattern >. Use some simple math to position your menu items as you want.
- If all goes well < this > is one of the infinite possible outcomes.

Posted by peleus on May 17 2012,09:40
Nice of you to share this guide. Keep up the good work.