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Topic: Distorted colors in 4-bit mode
started by: ponghy

Posted by ponghy on Mar. 23 2006,06:39
I have created a background bitmap in 16 colors (4-bit) for compatibility issues. The problem is when I boot with EasyBoot, the background appears distorted, corrupted (the original is very different). EasyBoot is in 16 colors(4-bit) and 640x480 when saving the EZB file. Tried with ACDSee and Photoshop, but no go (saved the image with ACDSee and changed the color depth with Photoshop).

Any idea to workaround this? TIA.
Posted by xoben on Mar. 25 2006,20:24
This bug has been fixed now. Please re-download EasyBoot from < > , setup and try it out.

Tips: Click 'Options'->'Load ColorTable from BMP' , and select the background BMP file to sync the color settings.
Posted by madaya on Jun. 17 2006,20:20
I tried the above procedure but then also the background  image appears distorted, corrupted.
I am using the latesr version of EZB

What is the solution pl.

Posted by celavey on May 17 2012,20:45
You can also provide your computer specifications for this issue to re-assess.