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Topic: How to add buttons to the menu
started by: wanderer

Posted by wanderer on Jan. 28 2006,10:50
Hello everybody,

I'm able to start several images,such as an image containing Boot.ini,ntldr or an ISO,containing a standalone repair console (the 6 XP boot floppy's)

So ill find EasyBoot a great tool to use  :)
Untill now i changed the standaard buttons,but i like to add more buttons.

My question to you all is,how to add buttons to the menu.I think i do something wrong,because everytime i try to do this il end up getting a mess.
Hopefully somebody can help me with this?

Tbone2 understands it better then i do  :D

< >

Thanks in advance.

Greetings from The Netherlands.
Posted by wanderer on Feb. 01 2006,10:56
Problem solved  :)
Posted by rath on Aug. 11 2010,04:38
how do learn design be good?
Posted by peleus on May 20 2012,11:33
Works great for me right here. :)