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Topic: my first work
started by: psylox

Posted by psylox on Aug. 28 2006,17:58
My first "working" BOOT Cd Rom.

Used applications.
Adobe << images design

Screens (1024x768) created with Photoshop, opened and saved with paintshop pro (abobe images where not reconized correctly by easyboot) ???????

Added the images in Easyboot as background.
Used --------- Under the selection options)

Main Screen.

Extra menu.

Posted by urie on Sep. 02 2006,08:27
Very nice work :)
Posted by Trynnyne on Dec. 23 2007,03:51
A very interesting finished product. Keep up the great work!
Posted by neuropass on Dec. 10 2008,15:17
it looks awesome how did you do it???? i want to know it please!! how did you change the font????
Posted by mmarx82 on Dec. 17 2008,13:42

Here are one of the first ones I did, you basically use photoshop to make and save your image, then another program like Microsoft Paint to get your saved image in a compatible bit format(photoshop has been known to not allways work properly). Then in easyboot on the menu tab you check the box that says "Use Image Text. Then all you have to do is put in your commands and leave the Menu Text field blank.

Posted by celavey on May 20 2012,20:35
Is it possible to create your own background and use it in your boot CD?