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Topic: EasyBoot new 35 backround images download link
started by: Vatansever

Posted by Vatansever on Jul. 09 2006,14:22
35 adet arkaplan ben EasyBoot programina uygun hale getirdim 640X480 8BPP

35 new Backround images link



Posted by Vatansever on Mar. 15 2007,11:36
New Link
< Download >

Posted by Vatansever on Mar. 15 2007,17:15
67 New backround images 600x800-24bit ( by: Sezgin Mutlu )

< Download >

:p  :laugh:

Posted by Vatansever on May 01 2007,16:15
New Vista Background images 800x600 24bit all images tested


Uploaded by Sezgin Mutlu


Posted by sickdog on May 15 2007,02:52
Thanks Vatansever,

I have questions that you might be able to answer:

1) Which program do u use to convert the 24bit jpegs to the 16bit BMP? WHich settings do u use?

I use PSP 8.0 and even though it appears ok on the Easy Boot window (inside xP) when booting from CD, it shows it with a bit of pixels - which is not very defined


Posted by M.A.G.I.C on Aug. 21 2009,19:33
pls link other
Posted by fsaaib on Oct. 12 2009,23:09
Hi there, it says that the link has been removed, i just tried downloading and it went like tru ~30%, and then the download stoped... tried again and the "link removed" text appeared.


Posted by wiryawang on Mar. 31 2010,13:15
Can Somebody provide a mirror link for these amazing release ? Where is teh thread starter?
Posted by Asenk on Nov. 02 2010,11:13
hmmm....all link is dead...
Posted by peleus on May 19 2012,13:24
Oops! This link appears to be broken. Any link please?
Posted by Vatansever on Jul. 21 2013,14:54
45 800x600 16M Color[24bits] backround images

< >

New Images Links
< >
< >


Posted by Vatansever on Jan. 13 2019,08:21
117 pieces of 1024x768 24Bit Background image