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Topic: Improved UI
started by: X3lectric

Posted by X3lectric on Jan. 13 2011,02:37
One of my main remits is as a usability and design consultant, Ive worked with companies e.g. Acronis, flashFXP, UltraVNC and have supported team members on work with symantec and eset and other big brands.

Point being We all use 1920x1200 screens.

I would like to suggest the icons  including placeholder be increased to icon area visible of minimum of 24 pixels leaving the frame a little wider, since that is the way this program seems to be constructed.

Without suggesting a redesign, I suggest a re-look and improvement, so that folks that spend a great many hours looking at screen don't have to squint.

As a professional program that is fairly feature rich the UI and wording is what lets Ultraiso quality slip.

Though I continue to favour Ultraiso over any of competition because of some features at the office,

Unless the developers look at this issue seriously, I'm afraid ultraiso be slipping in the competition and I would hate to see that happen..

there has been little or no indication of interest in improving the visual standards of the Programs and usability, which is a shame.


Posted by KeviiFreeman on Oct. 11 2011,11:01
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Posted by peleus on May 11 2012,11:55
Indeed. I haven't thought about his either. +1