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Topic: Add support for save MAME CHD
started by: CarlosS

Posted by CarlosS on Oct. 12 2009,08:52
Recently the MAME CHD code is released under the BSD license, this permit to use it on commercial software. It is possible add the ability to save in this format?
Posted by paisoewf on Jul. 07 2010,11:12
This is a good problem.I need your help.
Posted by maxikosr on Dec. 22 2010,05:43
Have you solved your problem already? I am also want to know the answer.
Posted by KeviiFreeman on Oct. 07 2011,11:11
I think this problem still unsolved!!

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Posted by mithcd on May 26 2012,16:13
Can anyone shed a light on this if this is still not a feature? Thanks.