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Topic: New interface to be worked...
started by: TECK

Posted by TECK on Jan. 05 2006,22:48
I'm a VB coder and I did few application interfaces for other popular software on the Internet.
For example, DVD Rebuilder:
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I would like to build one interface for UltraISO also, with your permission. It will be very clean and professional, XP style. All you have to do is link your code to the interface.
Let me know if you prefer to have it coded in VB or C.

I don't request money, but a licence for this software would be nice. I will post some screenshots here so you have a better idea about my work. Also, please keep in mind that I code with Visual Studio 2005. Let me know if you are interested.

Posted by xoben on Jan. 06 2006,03:26
Thank you TECK. Ideas for a new look and feel of UltraISO is welcome, but we are not sure if your design will be used or not.
Posted by TECK on Jan. 06 2006,14:27
No problem, xoben. I will build the interface and post screenshots here, I'm sure you will be impressed. :)
Is up to you if you decide to use it or not.

Once is completed, I will send you the project files, so you can play with it.
Posted by Incroyable HULK on Jan. 08 2006,00:03
I like the interface you did for DVD Rebuilder.

Post your Screenshot and I'll give you my opinion.  :)
Posted by X3lectric on Jan. 17 2011,22:56
here I did suggest the same and I got stabbed in the back.

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these guys are quite happy with crap GUI.

Posted by mithcd on May 26 2012,16:14
I hope GUI will be modified sometime this year tho.