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started by: X3lectric

Posted by X3lectric on Jan. 13 2011,02:51
Email support has ceased to send out replies to many of us.

These emails were at first replied to so they cant be in the spam folder unless filtered as such.

Emails which Have no response mainly come from






all .com.

Forums support since registering has left me with a sense of abandonment and little interest for customer service.

The only ezbsytems company core strength is the lifetime licence

As a customer and ultraiso supported at this day and age I caution that this may be prejudicial to attracting new customers.

It may impact on sales conversion as well.

I write this with only best interests at heart.

I would like some human reply besides a grunt and a one liner to dispatch my suggestion quickly.

The main feeling I have had thus far is from my latest support, please don't bother us, were not interested in help.

or if I even get a reply like many other users here that just seem to be left with 0 support or a friendly reply.

This is bad for business.

Posted by KeviiFreeman on Oct. 11 2011,11:00
This is great..

thanks a lot for your concern..

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Posted by peleus on May 13 2012,09:11
I wonder they stop receiving replying onto those emails. Anyone know the reason?
Posted by quantumpro on Jun. 26 2012,12:39
I wanted to try your EasyBoot Software, but I have run into some difficulty in using the Software.  I am trying to use the Software to make a Bootable Flash Drive and I have tried everything I can think of.  When I try to boot from the Flash Drive, it will boot to the EasyBoot Main Menu and then when I select the number two option which is to open Windows PE, I get a message that says to replace the sample file with winpe.iso, which I did.  I have followed the directions in the help files as close as I can and have created the winpe.iso image file and have used the software to write it to the flash drive. I have also entered the run command in the correct place, but haven't been able to get it to work.
   Since I am not an expert at solving this kind of problem and also it is very time consuming without some kind of help. What I would need is a tutorial that is more specific tutorial than the help files because these files are more generic.  If it's possible I would like to have a step by step guide with images that would show how to use specific software to write to a flash drive.  That way I could enter the exact information into the correct places in the Software and I could also apply that knowledge to other software that I would want to install. If anyone could help with this I would appreciate it.  quantumpro

Posted by aisin on Sep. 19 2012,03:30
It is nice that you posted something like this and I am quite lucky to read it. Thanks for posting this!