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started by: fakoor

Posted by fakoor on Oct. 30 2012,05:35

Well this is the suggestions page  :) , so I suggest that in the main download page of the UltraIso (Reference Link 1) the topic number 82 (Reference Link 2) be changed to 765 (Referenced Link 3). In addition, this has been requested (or reported ) in year 2008 by "DrAcid" (Reference Link 4).

Anyway I think there should be some initial file to download for beginning the translations, so it would be nice to put the download link in that thread so that anyone initially feeling like translating would have a kick start and inform the community if it happens that she / he is going to translate that completely.

Thanks a lot.

Reference Links:
1 - < >
2 - <;f=2;t=82 >
3 - <;f=2;t=765 >
4 - < >