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Topic: no autorun for virtuell isodrive?
started by: ezb24

Posted by ezb24 on Oct. 18 2010,11:26
I was creating an autorun.inf, and made an isofile with Ultraiso.

but always i click on the virtuell isodrive it only keeps to open the folder.

autorun.inf is not recognized

Posted by xoben on Oct. 24 2010,20:39
Please click on 'Auto Play' button after an ISO is loaded.
Posted by mithcd on May 28 2012,08:43
I just wondered on why this is in the suggestions folder.
Posted by Droppo on Apr. 20 2013,22:29
I guess he was talking about just virtual drive autorun. even if you mount the image from explorer context menu, where you don't get that small window.
The way it is right now, you have no autorun when you mount an image using context menu. Not even a drive label update. you have to open a new explorer window to refresh the drive label or mount the image twice does the magic too...