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Topic: Creat Multisession Disk ?????
started by: YesParK

Posted by YesParK on Jan. 02 2010,12:51
UltraIso not create disk multisession? would like to know how to do this, can someone help me?
Posted by YesParK on Jan. 05 2010,14:00
is not possible to write a program so professional, you just need multisession disc for completeness.  ???
Posted by YesParK on Jan. 14 2010,08:01
disappointment in ultraiso would love if he did multi session disc, you just need it to him to fill.
Posted by dma_k on Apr. 06 2010,18:25
I am also interested in this feature. YesParK, is it implemented in any software, except Nero?
Posted by mornings11 on Jul. 19 2010,10:39
any more ideas? thanks.
Posted by mithcd on May 28 2012,08:46
+1 on this. Nice idea bud.
Posted by easeware on Apr. 29 2014,03:22
I am very sorry for that i can not help you, but you can google it