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Topic: Request 2nd "usb" EasyBootMenu ed.
started by: Ghost168

Posted by Ghost168 on Sep. 26 2014,15:41
Writing usb flash drive with UltraISO - Bootable - Write Disk Image
I ran into problems with an easybootmenu disk (usb) and several big iso's to run: black screen "winloader missing".
Burning the usb stick was easy as allways, and most of the iso's worked flawlessly. Only the last item failed.
The iso itself was OK, when i tested it separately. But there was something changed in the FAT structure.
Easyboot automatically switched from FAT16 to FAT32 for the hidden bootpartition with "easyboot and map iso".
Removing items from the bootmenu, and burning less files, resulted in a Fat16 partition under the limit of 2GB.
Under the FAT16 2GB partition size limit, all worked very well.

Wikipedia told me more about that limit, I print it lower in this message.

QUESTION at the makers of the wonderfull program EASYBOOT:
For non CD/DVD users, would it be possible to pass this boundery?
Can you fix a 2nd, usb flash edition, with BootMenu partition of FAT32 and USB partition of NT File System?
I allways have to change the second "usb" partition manually to ntfs, because of the big image files.
Maybe in another machine language and different OS?

"In 1988, the FAT16B improvement became more generally available through DR DOS 3.31, PC DOS 4.0, OS/2 1.1, and

MS-DOS 4.0. The limit on partition size was dictated by the 8-bit signed count of sectors per cluster, which

originally had a maximum power-of-two value of 64. With the standard hard disk sector size of 512 bytes, this gives

a maximum of 32 KiB cluster size, thereby fixing the "definitive" limit for the FAT16 partition size at 2 GiB for

sector size 512. On magneto-optical media, which can have 1 or 2 KiB sectors instead of 0.5 KiB, this size limit is

proportionally larger."