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Topic: Ultraiso commandline -out bug?
started by: monkeyman

Posted by monkeyman on Apr. 03 2008,08:28

when using -bin2iso conversion from commandline, ie.

ultraiso.exe -bin2iso c:\test.mds -out e:\test.iso

It seems as if it doesnt take the output dir into concideration and creates the new .iso file in the same path as the input.

Is this a bug or is it how it is supposed to work?

Chosing convert from the UI you can specify another drive when convering and that works fine.

(using UltraISO


Posted by xoben on Apr. 03 2008,10:21
-bin2iso does not accept additional parameter such as '-output'.
Posted by monkeyman on Apr. 04 2008,03:37
Thanks for your answer.

The followup question would be: would it be possible for such a feature in a future version?

For me it would be a very useful option.


Posted by xoben on Apr. 10 2008,19:13
Thanks monkeyman for your suggestion.