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Topic: Using ultraiso in winpe x64
started by: dpalmans

Posted by dpalmans on Oct. 09 2012,15:47
I love Ultraiso!
I use it also under winpe to mount ISO files and execute directly from the mounted ISO , rather than having to burn a CD.
This works fine under winpe x86, but it does NOT under winpe x64.
So eventhough there is a 64 version for the driver but the isocmd.exe is nonly a 32bit app that can not run under x64.  An x64 compiled version would be necessary.
Same issue with ultraiso itself, there is a need for an x64 version.
x64 becomes the standard now for all systems, including winpe.
Could you please create a true x64 version of these 2 executables so that we can enjoy the power of Ultraiso in winpe x64?

Thanks you very much


Posted by xoben on Oct. 17 2012,03:35
Please find in attachment for 64bit isocmd.exe .

PS: Please try to put UltraISO programs in "\Program files" instead of "\Program files (x86)" under Win7pe x64.