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Topic: Adding Dir to Playstation 2 ISO's wont work
started by: Mesiya

Posted by Mesiya on Oct. 13 2012,09:46
Before i have done that and more than games names are shinobido, wipeout fusion, vampire collection,galerians ash with add directory to game iso's.

but now dont understand its not working i burned the Onimusha Warlords adding directory to the iso and setting the system.cnf as boot file in playstation 2 it boots but the game doesn't loads.

what i did i tested this on one of the sucessful game iso's i had and the method won't works.

my procedure adding one folder name extra contains files and folders of remaining space of the disc left after selecting game iso in ultra iso.

i cant add files anymore i losing disk space.

is there a way that we first burn the game iso and then burn extra files and folders to fill the cd dvd. to keep the space.

Posted by xoben on Oct. 17 2012,03:45
Sorry, this issue relates to progrm files of your game.