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Topic: UltraISO hangs in Microsoft Team Build
started by: R.Mueller

Posted by R.Mueller on Feb. 03 2011,09:29
We want to use UltraISO in command line mode to create an ISO image of our product during a nightly build. I start UltraISO with the following command line parameters:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\UltraISO\UltraISO.exe" -appid "Therefore 2011 Beta" -silent -publisher "Therefore Corporation" -sysid "Therefore 2011 Beta" -volume "Therefore 2011 Beta" -volset "Therefore™" -preparer "Therefore Corporation" -udfdvd -optimize -output "D:\Builds\4\Binaries\Setup\Therefore 2011 Beta Nightly_Build_20110202.4.iso" -directory "D:\Builds\4\Sources\ISO" -crc32"

When I try these parameters on a command window or via a batch file it works perfectly, but the team build hangs forever at this step. (Team build is running as a service).

Operating System is Windows Server 2008 R2, latest UltraISO version is used.

What is the matter here?



Posted by xoben on Feb. 24 2011,01:20
Sorry, UltraISO is not tested under Windows server 2008 environment. We will do that later and try to fix this problem later.
Posted by Zifnab on Jun. 12 2013,14:38
Has this issue been resolved?
I seem to be getting the same issue, running a command line ISO creation as a service in Windows Server 2008 R2 and the process hangs on ISOs of +-1GB and up.  I successfully ran a build for 350MB and 800MB but when I go beyond 1GB in size, the process hangs.
Thanks in advance for the response.