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Topic: it always formats first then checks space required
started by: Mesiya

Posted by Mesiya on Oct. 13 2012,10:11
when ever i make an image i dont know it fits on the dvd sometime it burns 4469mb some times 4465 sometime less than that.

i have dvd+rw for testing ps2 game iso burned with additional directories but when i try fit image size i dont know it fits on a dvd+rw or cdrw.

please make a version which i first checks the space needed then formats the dvd+rw it will keep my dvd+rw format life to maximum.

What i mean to say it formats the formatted disk again and again every time we press burn button.

Posted by xoben on Oct. 17 2012,03:41
Before clicking 'Burn' button, please right click on percent guage area (upper right corner) and choose 'Detect Media Type' from popup menu to avoid this issue.
Posted by Mesiya on Oct. 17 2012,04:25
it not the case of choosing media space i have selected the appropriate media

my problems is ultra iso always formats the dvd+rw when its already formatted that way we loose the dvd+rw life unnecessary

no other program does that nero winiso etc

only ultraiso does this it formats the empty again and again.

check yourself the bug is quite old.

fix it.

this window comes after ultraiso formats the formatted dvd+rw disc the is empty but it format by default. as mentioned in jpg 2.

could you tell me whats the size in mega byte  of 2299072 blocks i cant find on google. what would be the actual size

Posted by Mesiya on Oct. 17 2012,20:55
this is the first thing you said which i already know which media type to choose as you in

jpg1 i have chosen the right media type but still ultra iso formats the empty disc again &

again check the images.

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Posted by Mesiya on Oct. 17 2012,20:57
as you can see in the jpg2 it saying it always formats the dvd+rw disc whether is empty or not.

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Posted by Mesiya on Oct. 17 2012,20:58
then it shows the available blocks which are for this dvd are 2299072 i dont know what

would be actual size of these in megabyte is there a utility to calculate i could find on


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Posted by Mesiya on Nov. 11 2012,11:08
can anyone respond to this issue ultraiso its a real bug i am not making this up its been a month and response from your side please say something i dont think i here to waste my time typing and report bugs for no support and response please
Posted by tjdarth1 on Jun. 13 2013,01:46
Hey guys, Mesiya is correct. My vers: issues the very same statement for my DVD +-R DL discs when I am at the point of burning my .ISO file? ??? This is a real bug.