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Topic: UltraISO fails cut the volume name in x64bit O.S.
started by: Abdou

Posted by Abdou on Apr. 22 2013,17:00
Hi All,

I'm currently using UltraISo V6.56 on Windows 7x86 and Windows 7 x64 to create ISO files for my builds.
My issue is that UltraISO cmdline used on a x64 machine cuts my repository names, but it works correctly on x86.
Here is my cmdline:

"C:\UltraISo\UltraISO.exe" -directory DirectoryName -udfdvd -output OutputName -volume VolumeName

I'm aware of the characters limit, and none of my repository  name exceeds 200 characters.

I really don't know why my repository names are cut only on x64 O.S.

Any help will be appreciate

Best regards, :)

Posted by sophiesmith on Jul. 08 2013,03:48
I think this is because of version compatibility.The system you are using not supported by the the current version .