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Topic: Auto Play in Ultra ISO does not work
started by: Brumle

Posted by Brumle on Jun. 15 2014,06:11
I have received a 1,1 Gb  .iso file. On YouTube there is an instruction showing how to install this file.
1.Copy the file to your computer desktop (ok)
2.Rightclick on file an mount it using Ultra ISO with your cd-player (ok)
3.Click Start - Computer  -> Right click on the file that is now mounted With Your cd-player (in this case letter D:) (ok)
4.In the right-click menu, choose Ultra ISO - Auto Play...
And then nothing happens. No error Message, no nothing. It just stops.
In the Youtube video all seems ok. File starts extracting and installing.
For the record, here is my data:
Ultra Iso ver.
Windows 7 pro  Serv.pack 1  64 bit

Is this a bug, or is it some modifications i need to do in Ultra ISO in order to make this work.

Regards Brumle