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started by: kendrickdk

Posted by kendrickdk on Mar. 18 2007,11:18
Wow... within 24 hours???  why does it take so damn long?  I thought I could use this software,now but come to find out I have to wait until tomorrow?  Did you get your money right away?  I guess these are questions you won't answer but thought I would ask them anyways.

Ok, guess my little project that I've been working on all friggin night will have to wait until next week because you guys can't set up an automated system to sell licenses and send out registrations codes... kind of pathetic.

There are virtually dozens of people out there selling the same thing as you and most likely many of them have instant access to their software once payment is made.  You even mention in the registration window that one of the benefits is you get your code emailed to you... suggesting it is an quick process.  What a farce.  If you told the truth I would have bought this software somewhere else and already been done with this instead of wasting my time writing this email you won't even read.  

thanks for ruining my day and making me a very friggin unhappy guy.