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Topic: Registration Code Pls
started by: simonk

Posted by simonk on Jan. 13 2009,10:29
Hi. I didn't realise at time of ordering that reg code didn't come through instantly. Any chance of hurrying it along please? Thanks :-)

Paypal Receipt Number: 2432-5638-5141-1729

Posted by xoben on Jan. 13 2009,20:33
Please check your PM.
Posted by AndresHS on Nov. 18 2009,13:09
Same problem, no email after paypal confirmation : 7DD00501PK4345930
Please HELP!

Posted by xoben on Nov. 18 2009,22:10
Hello AndresHS, your registration code has been sent out, please check your e-mail box on gmail including the spam folder.
Posted by AndresHS on Nov. 18 2009,22:13
got it, thanks!