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How do I make a bootable ghost DVD using Norton Ghost 9 and have the ghost image on the DVD and to span more than 1 DVD if it will not fit on one? :O
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I do not know Ghost 9 but use, both, Ghost 8 and Power Quest Power Image 7 (the parents of Ghost 9).

A) Review the tutorial found through the URL listed below. It will teach you how to create a bootable DOS CD (or DVD) in the case Ghost 9 has a DOS component like Ghost 8 had. If this is the case you do not really need easyboot.

B) If Ghost 9 does not have this DOS component, then use the boot CD (or DVD) that Ghost 9 creates  for emergencies to rip the boot image and use EasyBoot's instructions to create the EasyBoot DVD (just review this forum or check the program to help to learn how to do this)

Note that Ghost 9 should be able to let you specify spanning the image before creation, so 4 GB should be a good spanning threshold. If this is not the case, consider using BootitNG because is provides features not present in the other programs and can span backup images. And it costs less money.

Note that having the image burned to CD/DVD forces you to use re-writable media or periodically burn more CD/DVDs if you want to keep the image updated as your HDD content changes. Why don't you rather consider a removable HDD? A 2.5"/60 GB portable HDD takes less surface space than any CD or DVD

Hope this helps.

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