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PostIcon Posted on: Mar. 30 2015,11:31  Skip to the next post in this topic. Ignore posts   QUOTE


Quote: "I have isntalled Vmware on this Windows and make some Windows Xp's  Windows 8.1 for Testing in Virtual enviroment"

Now I understand better what you are doing :cool:
Smart solution using VmWare that way :;):

Basically your intension is this (correct me if I'm wrong):

1. Set up a 'workstation' of VmWare that use a hard drive with 2-partitions

2. Install a system(s) to VmWare part-1 (make them work alright)

3. Create ghost image(s) of those different Op-systems you install to part-1

4. Finally 'ghost back' those different Ghost images to VmWare part-1 OR to a different computer

I'm only interested in step3 and 4, the rest is not any issue we need to discuss
You quote: "and install ghost on that Windows Xp". You really don't need to 'install' any ghost to any OP-system as we can run Ghost from DOS and better up, we can create a larger floppy image to fit in the ghost.exe file inside floppy image!

I'm heavily occupied this whole week and have decided to give you a gift :laugh:
It is my experimental menu system which you can edit your self
However you need to do one more thing - read this:

1. You download ZIP-file from HERE
and extract folder 'disk2' to folder EasyBoot (you should now have two folders, folder 'disk1' and folder 'disk2'

2. Now double-click to DEFAULT.EZB inside EasyBoot\disk2\EZBOOT  
EasyBoot launches and show you my menu layout. This menu also have a submenu command (Tools)
Attention! Next time you launch EasyBoot, file inside folder disk2\EZBOOT (default.ezb) is launched and not your *.ezb-file in folder disk1\ezboot. To open your 'main menu' in folder disk1\ezboot you simply open folder disk1\EZBOOT and double-click to your 'main menu (whatever name you use to that menu). Next time you launch EasyBoot then your 'main menu' in folder disk1\EZBOOT is opened. Simply have in mind that EasyBoot always try to open the last opened\edited ***.ezb-file
This means you can have several different folders 'disk1, disk2, disk3 etcetera (or different names) with different menu system and solution (its less messy this way)

3. In folder ' disk2\ezboot' you open image ghost11.img (use UltraIso).
Read also 'READ_ME.TXT' inside folder disk2

4. Insert ghost.exe into ghost11.img (must use DOS-version of ghost.exe that should have a size around 2.21 MB) - Save changes to ghost11.img when closing UltraIso
Note: this image ghost11.img is larger then standard, it is 2880 MB in size and unneeded files has been removed to make place for ghost.exe.
You simply use menu command run ghost11.img

If you extract autoexec.bat from ghost11.img it looks like this:

ghost.exe -clone,mode=prestore,src=1:2\system.gho:1,dst=1:1 -sure -rb

And config.sys only looks like this:


anyway... Above restore partition-1 (dst=1:1) from a ghost file that is collected from partition-2 (1:2) on same hard drive (1)
I use 'prestore' (partition-restore command) and also set partition-1 as source (system.gho:1)
Ghost image name is as you can notice 'system.gho'
EasyBoot can be launched from CD\DVD-unit but the 'ghost.image' (system.gho) must be put to partition-2  on that harddrive-1 in VmWare!

Note: it happens ghost switches refuse to work properly. But lets test and see how your experiments falls out in your case

Its time for you to learn more how switches are used in ghost - read HERE


It is also possible to let ghost automatically create a ghost image of an partition
Extract autoexec.bat from ghost11.img to somewhere and modify text to this:

ghost.exe -clone,mode=pcreate,src=1:1,dst=1:2\system.gho -sure -rb

This makes ghost create a ghost image (pcreate) of partition-1 on harddisk-1 (src=1:1), image is created to partition-2 on harddisk-1 (dst=1:2) using name system.gho

Please study link to ghost switches and do your own experiments
Note: it is even possible to save creation of an ghost image to a USB drive and logically also run 'ghost restore' to an ghost image from USB drive to a harddisk unit (or partition to harddisk unit) and all this launched from an elegant EasyBoot menu using different floppy images with different autoexec.bat-commands

And I'm busy whole week (not at my home residence)

Edited by balder on Apr. 03 2015,06:54

Download complete set of scripts including help file HERE
Note: Script collection updated 11 may 2017. Scripts mainly support EasyBoot_6.5 or later
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PostIcon Posted on: Apr. 01 2015,12:30 Skip to the previous post in this topic.  Ignore posts   QUOTE

THank you very very much  :D  :)

i like your menu .. and learn some more stuff .. my main concern is with Ghost Xp ..
i do all my testing on VMware and when its final i burn .iso and copy to my Physical Pc for use .. :cool:

Thanks man ..i will come back if got any problem  :p
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